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Veer Rakesh Jain Sarraf 698 Meerut (U.P.) more
Veera. Dhvani Jain 699 Meerut (U.P.) 9897188880 more
Veer Aadish Jain Sarraf 700 Baraut - Baghpat (U.P.) 9897146061 more
Veera. Sangita Jain Bharti 701 Baraut - Baghpat (U.P.) 9412627693 more
Veer Sudhir Kumar Jain (Barf Wale) 702 Baraut - Baghpat (U.P.) 98972514249 more
Veer Dinesh Chand Jain 703 Meerut (U.P.) 9412207896 more
Veer Sunil Kumar Jain Advocate 704 Meerut (U.P.) 9259075776 more
Veer Rakesh Kumar Jain 705 Binauli - Baghpat (U.P.) 9758817220 more
Veer Janeshwar Dayal Jain 706 Khekra - Baghpat (U.P.) 9412631032 more
Veer Rajendra Kumar Jain 707 Meerut (U.P.) 8909121693 more

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Perfact Match- Jain Rishtey, Post Your Matrimonial Advertisement- Free of Cost.
Contact : 9837048560, 9897227228, Email :
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Contact:- Veer Narendra Jain Rajkamal, General Secretary (Org.)- Bhartiya Jain Milan, Mo. 9837048560
A Quality A.D.V. Wheels & Axles, Break Equipments and All type of Hub Drums.
Jainson Industries (Regd.), Delhi Road, Baraut (Baghpat) U.P. Mo.: 9837055242
An Engjish Medium, Co-educational, Senior Sec. School, Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, with EDUCOMP SMART CLASS
Near Roadways Bus Depot, Delhi Road, BARAUT (Baghpat) U.P., Ph. 9837471430, 9927071430
Manufactures of Best Quality Wheels & Axles of all type Tractor-Trolly & Bull-Cart.
HERO Agricultural Industries, Delhi Road, Baraut (Baghpat) U.P., Ph: 9412203515
Complete Outdoor Advertising, Hoardings, Unipoles, Flex Printing, Boards & Banners etc.
Rajkamal Advertising Agency, Rajkamal House, Gandhi Road, BARAUT (U.P.), Ph: 9412200953, 9760570930
A House of Quality Books. CBSE, NCERT, B.Ed., BBA, BCA, Polytechnic & All Compitition Books.
Near- Kitabo wali gali, BARAUT (Baghpat) U.P., Ph: 9457263617
Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi, An English Medium, Co-educational, Senior Secondary School
BARAUT (Baghpat) U.P., Ph. 8937869094, 9045927820,
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