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Veer Rakesh Jain Sarraf 698 Meerut (U.P.) more
Veera. Dhvani Jain 699 Meerut (U.P.) 9897188880 more
Veer Aadish Jain Sarraf 700 Baraut - Baghpat (U.P.) 9897146061 more
Veera. Sangita Jain Bharti 701 Baraut - Baghpat (U.P.) 9412627693 more
Veer Sudhir Kumar Jain (Barf Wale) 702 Baraut - Baghpat (U.P.) 98972514249 more
Veer Dinesh Chand Jain 703 Meerut (U.P.) 9412207896 more
Veer Sunil Kumar Jain Advocate 704 Meerut (U.P.) 9259075776 more
Veer Rakesh Kumar Jain 705 Binauli - Baghpat (U.P.) 9758817220 more
Veer Janeshwar Dayal Jain 706 Khekra - Baghpat (U.P.) 9412631032 more
Veer Rajendra Kumar Jain 707 Meerut (U.P.) 8909121693 more

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We deals in: H.T./ L.T. LINE Material Copper / Aluminum Lugs, Cable, Gland, Solderwire, Soldring Flux & All kind of Electrical Goods.
1496,1st Floor, Bhagirath Palace, Chandni Chowk, DELHI-110006, Ph: 11-23873703, 9811218251, 9711451935
Ek Perfect Shuruaat Admission Open (Session- 2016-17)
Delhi Road, Badoli, Baraut (Baghpat) Mo: 9837320430, 9927103690, 9639464180, 8937927218 Email:
Perfact Match- Jain Rishtey, Post Your Matrimonial Advertisement at just Rs. 500/- yearly.
Contact : 9837048560, 9897227228, Email :
Wall Tiles (Digital), Floor Tiles (Vetrified), Granite Marbles & All Sanitary Goods.
Mandi Sultan Ganj, BARAUT (Baghpat) U.P., Phone : 8126585900, 9837311544
All kind of School Books, Nursury to Class 12th Based on C.B.S.E. & N.C.E.R.T.
Khatri Garhi, BARAUT (Baghpat) U.P. Mobile : 9837386379, 9837569347, Email :
Children Books Publishers, Specialist in School Notebook.
Plot No.- 2 & 3, Mohkampur Ind. Area, Phase-II, Delhi Road, Meerut (U.P.), Ph.: 0121-2534823, 8476067656, Helpline : 9045051113
DHEERAJ PUBLICATIONS. Children Books Publishers.
H.O.: Agrawal Colony, Opp. Ramlila Ground, Delhi Road, Meerut (U.P.) Ph : 121-3257035, 9412083541, 9897522260, Email :
TAX CONSULTANTS- Income Tax, VAT, CST, Service Tax, Tax Audits, Professional Tax, Works Contract Tax.
L-19, Vijaya Nagar, Mahal Parisar, Gwalior (M.P.), Contact No.: 0751-2623631, 0751-2324322
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हम नहीं दिगम्बर, श्वेताम्बर, तेरहपंथी, स्थानकवासी, हम एक पंथ के अनुयायी, हम एक देव के विश्वासी।