Bhartiya Jain Milan Branches

Zone-1 Branches

Zone Name :
Branch Code Branch Name Town/City View Branch
001 Jain Milan Lucknow Lucknow (U.P.) more
002 Jain Milan Saket Lucknow Lucknow (U.P.) more
003 Jain Milan Manaknagar Lucknow Lucknow (U.P.) more
004 Jain Milan Allahabad Allahabad (U.P.) more
101 Jain Milan Faizabad Faizabad - Lucknow (U.P.) more
102 Jain Milan Anpara- Sonbhadra Sonbhadra (U.P.) more
111 Jain Milan Kanpur Nagar Kanpur (U.P.) more
112 Jain Milan Gorakhpur Gorakhpur (U.P.) more
121 Jain Milan Barabanki Barabanki (U.P.) more
167 Jain Milan Kanpur Kanpur (U.P.) more
202 Jain Milan Varanasi Varanasi (U.P.) more
205 Jain Milan Fatehpur Fatehpur (U.P.) more
233 Jain Milan Ratanlal Nagar Kanpur Kanpur (U.P.) more
246 Jain Milan Sultanpur Sultanpur (U.P.) more
254 Jain Milan Sarai Akil- Allahabad Allahabad (U.P.) more
300 Jain Milan Shaktinagar- Sonbhadra Sonbhadra (U.P.) more
302 Jain Milan Aliganj Lucknow Lucknow (U.P.) more
304 Jain Milan Lal Bangla Kanpur Kanpur (U.P.) more
330 Jain Milan Raebareli Raebareli (U.P.) more
331 Jain Milan Unnao Unnao (U.P.) more
358 A Jain Milan Khalilabad- Basti Basti more
468 Jain Milan Gomtinagar Lucknow Lucknow (U.P.) more
498 Jain Milan Lucknow Paschim Lucknow (U.P.) more
602 Jain Milan Mahaveer Kanpur Kanpur (U.P.) more
620 Jain Milan Kashi Kashi (U.P.) more
700 Jain Milan Gonda Gonda (U.P.) more
729 Jain Milan Pratapgarh Pratapgarh (U.P.) more
747 Jain Milan Hardoi Hardoi (U.P.) more
761 Jain Milan Mahila Saket Lucknow Lucknow (U.P.) more
959 Jain Milan Ratanlal Nagar Kanpur Kanpur (U.P.) more

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Delhi Road, BARAUT- 250611 (Baghpat) U.P., Mo:- 9837414141, 9837117117
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BARAUT (Baghpat) U.P., Ph. 8937869094, 9045927820,
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Recognized by: U.P. Govt., Govt. of India, UGC, AICTE & DEC.
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HERO Agricultural Industries, Delhi Road, Baraut (Baghpat) U.P., Ph: 9412203515
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